Super sticky stickers

Sticker vs. label vs. decal: What’s the difference? Stickers are printed on adhesive-backed paper or vinyl and are small enough to be peeled off and applied to a surface in one shot. Labels are similar, but generally used for product packaging or identification purposes and printed on a thinner film. Vinyl decals are generally larger in size and made up of multiple pieces, requiring transfer tape and a few more steps to apply.

Bonner Media can produce durable vinyl or film stickers and labels printed, laminated, and contour cut to any shape or size. Stickers and labels come on rolls, sheets, or individual pieces depending on your need and quantity.

Durable, weatherproof vinyl or film

Clear, reflective, metallic, and other specialty materials available

Die cut shapes or square cut

Stick to metal, glass, plastic, laptops, travel mugs, equipment, tools, cases, and more

Great for promotional business giveaways and branding!

Stick 'em up

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